Vacationing at North Padre Island Seashore

The North Padre Island Seashore is one of the hidden treasures of Texas. Located on the Coastal Bend, it’s one of the national seashores protected by the National Park Service and as unspoiled as beaches can be. It’s located more than 20 miles from Port Aransas so doesn’t get the crowds. It’s also as opposite as it can be from its Southern counterpart which is a spring break destination. All you can hear is waves crashing, wind blowing thru the sand dunes, and the sea gulls squawking. The beach is much cleaner than the other Texas beaches.

North Padre IslandNorth Padre Island

This was our third time here and as always, found fewer than 50 people on a 2-mile stretch which in Bombay would be considered desolate. The entire shoreline is 70 miles long. Texans, spend some time here. Or not and leave it all to us to enjoy in its peaceful splendor.

A walk on the beachA walk on the beach

Shade on the beachShade on the beach

June 10, 2017 · personal · travel

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