Moving away from Instagram to an independent photoblog

I’ve decided to move away from posting on Instagram. The creepy ads were the last straw. I’ve now disabled location, camera access, and microphone access. Once you do that, you can no longer post to Stories and posting photos without tagging the location is no fun. I rarely get comments on Instagram and the same 30-40 people like’ my photos. There are always those influencer-types who keep following and unfollowing me in the hopes that I’ll follow them back. It’s been a long time since a real person followed me on Instagram. It’s getting tiresome.

But at the same time, some accounts I follow; mostly travel- and landscape-related are phenomenal. Also, Instagram is the last place where I’m in touch with my online friends after I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts. So I think I’ll be a lurker for a little while longer on there.

However, I still love taking photos and want to share them. I’m no longer interested in tracking likes’ or seeking comments so I was looking for an option to simply post photos I take with a caption. Naturally, I thought of Micro.Blog and Blot. The community on M.B. was very helpful in talking through the options of using both platforms and David, founder of Blot even helped me modify the RSS feed to display the photo file name as the caption. But I’m still undecided on whether to choose Blot or Micro.Blog as a platform to run my photo blog. So this post is merely an exercise in thinking aloud:



Right now, I’m leaning toward simply due to the ability to import Instagram archive and the lower cost. Let’s see.

Next up, I’ll have to let my Instagram followers (only 243 including bots) know about the change. Most will not bother to come over and that’s fine. Those who really care will check once in a while. I still love Instagram. I just wish Facebook had never bought it.

April 2, 2019 · personal · photography

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