These Feet are Made for Walkin’

My wife is a fitness nut. Me? Not so much. I try to stay fit and in shape but lack the discipline to do the right thing. For the past few years, I’ve made it a point to at least walk more if nothing else. I use the elliptical occasionally at the local YMCA but mostly, I like to walk outside. So on some days when I used to be home early from work, my wife and I used to take long walks in our neighborhood.

I’ve been using David Smith’s Pedometer++ app for a while now. It’s clean, simple, and has a clear goal-setting marker using colors. I’ve set a daily goal of 10K steps.

Steps walked in 2018Steps walked in 2018

The app lets you download the raw data that you can play around with. Here are some of my observations for 2018:

I hope to continue my walking through 2019 and am focusing on the winter months to get my steps in. I want to hit my goal on at least 50% of the days in 2019. In fact, currently, I’m on a 12-day streak of having met my daily goal. This is my longest streak ever.

January 16, 2019 · personal · data

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